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it’s been a bad couple weeks on the pain front. my three bad spots are getting progressively worse, and my normal go-tos of stretching, heat & massage are just not working, nor is ibuprofen. my goofballs do make a dent, but only a full one, and I just can’t risk starting to go through my prescription as prescribed – the reason I’m more or less self-managed despite using a controlled substance is the pain used to be worse when I went to bed, so I’d pop half a goofball & drop right off, so I was going through a nominally 30-day prescription in 90 days or more. oh, and, y'know, not doing any typical drug-seeking bullshit type things.

it just sucks because my stupid pain makes doing pleasurable things agonizing, and if I ignore the pain to keep playing my bass or whatever, that just means the next day will be worse.

I started doing more PT exercises yesterday, and today I am basically fighting back tears the entire time. everything hurts so fucking much.

I’m tired of the constant pain. may I please have a titanium spine?
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Will I ever find her?

oh, no, I’m missing two of these :(
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Photo © Jeff Kahn


ok, is anyone else seeing the crypt scene from Romeo & Juliet?
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The set of “Mad Max: Fury Road”. Part 6

Part 1: Cars
Part 2: War Boys 1
Part 2: War Boys 2
Part 3: Everyone
Part 4: Everyone
Part 5: Everyone
Part 6: Everyone
Part 7: Everyone
Part 8: Cars 2
Part 9: Everyone
Part 10: Everyone
Part 11: Everyone
Part 12: Everyone
Part 13: Everyone
Part 14: Everyone
Part 15: Everyone

why is this the only pic of the Doof Wagon drummers I’ve ever seen? I DEMAND MORE PICS OF THE GODDAMNED RHYTHM SECTION.
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don’t let anyone dehumanize you

dehumanize yourself

be the creeping eldrich horror you have always longed to be; rain furious vengeance down upon those who would unmake you
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if you’re reading a creepy, suspenseful, short story, and because you’re at work, you’re also listening to film and TV scores, and in that playlist is Annie’s Door from the Being Human score, it MIGHT play the loud, screaming string sting just as you read, “A blood-curdling scream cut her off” and you may well jump and nearly pee yourself and have to take another break to recover from the break you were on.

In related news, @wilwheaton’s Dead Trees Give No Shelter is really fucking good, but I recommend no soundtracks in the background while reading it.
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i’ve been feeling a bit down about the world lately.

Oh my god…
*Runs to bring the little guy a towel and hot cocoa*

This is some very compelling work.
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i’m proud of u, u little fucker

I relate to all of these.
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i want to write an ode in iambic pentameter to chirrut’s expression here because it’s a very specific expression. it’s an expression illustrated on page one of the Handbook of Peak Marriage. i got flashbacks to how my grandparents used to argue after knowing eachother for 60 years. this is the ‘we’ve been having this discussion for decades and never officially settled who’s right and who’s wrong but we both know exactly who’s right and that’s me’ expression. the ‘i’m going to keep looking directly at you while talking about you in the third person to someone else who really wishes they were halfway across the galaxy right now’ face. amazing. 

#you know chirrut has done the ‘if you see baze please give him this face’ thing at least once in their life together#possibly to a small-time smuggler while baze was taking a mission offworld after an unfinished argument#baze nods at the nervous smuggler. ‘please tell my husband i said *45 seconds of Pointed Silence*’#‘is– is that all?’ the smuggler says#baze asks them if they want to try and convey the Long-Suffering Eyeroll to chirrut imwe and they just about faint on the spot#pirates smugglers and petty criminals on like 36 systems walk in terror of being caught in the crossfire of one of their arguments  (via vrabia)

i am chirrut

and wen my baze

is being dum

or in a haze

i don’t get mad

i don’t get shook

i set my face

i giv The Look

this gives me life.
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There’s been a temporary but gigantic upheaval of my sweetie’s schedule this week, and while I know it’s crazy-difficult for him to get up at 2:30 in the morning, it’s hard on me, too. Routine is my comfort and there is none of that, this week. I’m exhausted, anxious and out of sorts, trying to keep reminding myself that there are only 2 more nights like this and then we can start the good schedule. It’s not helping a whole lot.
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I get cranky about the fact that Loki keeps “accidentally” writing new songs, which I feel are slowing progress towards getting our third album recorded, but it’s hard to be cranky about song he started noodling whilst I was fixing issues with the studio computer last rehearsal. 

he cranked out the guitar line, we figured out a bass line, and Kara improvised a fantastic melody and after a few false starts (it was the day of every little thing going slightly wrong), we recorded it, and I’ve been listening to it off and on for hours at my day job – even caught myself chair-dancing to it at one point. can’t wait to see where this one goes.
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If you’re awake between 3 AM and 6 AM you’re appropriating lycanthrope culture and you need to go to sleep and check your privilege

This is blatant vampire erasure.

Go write a sad poem about it

My name is Vlad
and wen its nite
or wen the wolves
art pohsting shite
and all discourse
haf gon to dogs -
i stay up late.
i clik ‘reblog’
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help us win!

Etsy is running a contest to give $10,000 to help expand your business, and we want to win! Go to  click VOTE – then share with your friends to help us even more!

This is my Etsy shop! Please vote for me to win $10k =)
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you guys. YOU GUYS. if you open your search engine of choice and type in the words MISTER GRISTLE, my video!!! is probably the first result. 

I am prouder of that than I probably should be.

WAIT WHEN DID THIS VIDEO GET 13,000 VIEWS?!? I was laughing with a friend around my birthday that it had more views than Reliquary videos and it was at like 3,000? 
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Somebody just sent this to me and I have never felt so dragged in my LIFE

Same, except all my yarn is wound because winding is so very zen.

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