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I woke up congested, headachey and sore-throaty, which bodes ill for our show tonight, argh.

You're coming, right? Of course you are.

To clarify: we're playing two forty-five minute sets, so while it's true that we start at 8, you needn't feel compelled to be there on the dot, as we'll be playing the same set again at 9 =) Also, it's free! Did we mention that? And our sets finish up before Tranz even opens, so you can totally do both. And we'll have copies of the CD available, four days early, yay!

See you tonight!

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We'll be playing a couple sets at Four White Walls this Friday, from around 8pm to 10pm. It's a free show (part of First Friday), so you should come check it out!

Also, if you were dying to get your hot little hands on a CD, we'll have them on sale! Yes, this is your chance to pick up a CD 4 days early =)

Hope to see you there!

originally posted on splinters

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