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stupid spine is still stupid, but I’ve had a breakthrough: the NP I see for pain management has finally read my chart and learned that I have scoliosis and kyphosis. well done, sparky; it only took you a year. 

I wish I were kidding. 

on the plus side, I was given prescriptions for anti-inflammatory pills & topical, in which I am investing but little hope.

I also got to shatter a friend’s hopes – apparently, they thought scoliosis would just stop hurting at some point? “why are you still in pain?” “because my spine … is further out of whack than it was a year ago?” happily, they didn’t jump in with the victim blaming in the form of “well, would it be this bad if you’d treated it when you were young?” which I’ve totally gotten before. like what is the point of that question other than to make me feel shitty about myself? treatment was just BARELY recommended because the curve was close to the limit and I was a teen with shitty self-esteem who didn’t want the brace to make my life worse.


trying not to let my stupid spine run my life, but it’s been consuming more than its fair share of spoons of late, and I’ve got shit I need to get done. the state of my floors is execrable.

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