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if ur a nazi or neo-nazi or support nazi ideologies let this be a fucking harsh message that ur not welcome on this blog and I hope you get socked in the face

SO VERY anti-nazi.
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I know phones are terrifying, but this is important. 

Stephen Bannon’s appointment to the Trump White House is a test of how far America will go in allowing the alt-right (which is code for white supremacist, antisemitic, homophobic woman-haters) control of the American government. You can help stop his appointment, but tweeting or reblogging or snarking on facebook will not accomplish this.

What will help accomplish this? A simple phone call.

This website will give you the contact information.

First, call your representative or senator. You have two senators and one representative. Call all three. It’s okay to take anxiety meds beforehand if you need them. 

When somebody answers the phone, here is what you say:

If your congresscritter is a Democrat or Independent: “Hi, I’m [Name], one of [Name’s] constituents. I am calling because I strongly believe that the [Senator/Representative] should follow the lead of their colleagues, such as Ed Markey and Nancy Pelosi, in condemning President-Elect Trump’s appointment of a white supremacist misogynist, Stephen Bannon, as his chief of strategy and chief counsel.”

If your congresscritter is a Republican: “Hello. Hi, I’m [Name], one of [Name’s] constituents. I’m calling to ask if you can confirm your candidate’s position on white supremacy and white nationalism for me.”

After they answer, then you say, “In that case, I would call on the [Congress(man/woman)/Senator] to condemn President-Elect Trump’s appointment of a white supremacist misogynist, Stephen Bannon, as his chief of strategy and chief counsel in no uncertain terms.“

They may ask your address, Give them the address from which you vote. It’s how they confirm you are for reals.

You can do this. It does matter.

[Jumping in to add: if your congresscritter is a Republican and you live in a rural state like I do, it’s also helpful to know that Bannon is a self-proclaimed Leninist. Y’know, the scary socialist ideology that Republicans have spent the last eight years screaming about.]

reblogging for later
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today is not good. articles that include snippets about possible animal suffering triggered me HARD. conversations with coworkers about racism, misogyny and hate drag me down because I’m a stupid little cis/het/white woman, what can I possibly do to combat any of that? I like to think I’m an ally but who knows?

today feels futile and painful. the suffering of others is cutting deep.

and crying at work sucks a lot.

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