Mar. 22nd, 2017

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There’s been a temporary but gigantic upheaval of my sweetie’s schedule this week, and while I know it’s crazy-difficult for him to get up at 2:30 in the morning, it’s hard on me, too. Routine is my comfort and there is none of that, this week. I’m exhausted, anxious and out of sorts, trying to keep reminding myself that there are only 2 more nights like this and then we can start the good schedule. It’s not helping a whole lot.
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i want to write an ode in iambic pentameter to chirrut’s expression here because it’s a very specific expression. it’s an expression illustrated on page one of the Handbook of Peak Marriage. i got flashbacks to how my grandparents used to argue after knowing eachother for 60 years. this is the ‘we’ve been having this discussion for decades and never officially settled who’s right and who’s wrong but we both know exactly who’s right and that’s me’ expression. the ‘i’m going to keep looking directly at you while talking about you in the third person to someone else who really wishes they were halfway across the galaxy right now’ face. amazing. 

#you know chirrut has done the ‘if you see baze please give him this face’ thing at least once in their life together#possibly to a small-time smuggler while baze was taking a mission offworld after an unfinished argument#baze nods at the nervous smuggler. ‘please tell my husband i said *45 seconds of Pointed Silence*’#‘is– is that all?’ the smuggler says#baze asks them if they want to try and convey the Long-Suffering Eyeroll to chirrut imwe and they just about faint on the spot#pirates smugglers and petty criminals on like 36 systems walk in terror of being caught in the crossfire of one of their arguments  (via vrabia)

i am chirrut

and wen my baze

is being dum

or in a haze

i don’t get mad

i don’t get shook

i set my face

i giv The Look

this gives me life.

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