Apr. 17th, 2017

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Will I ever find her?

oh, no, I’m missing two of these :(
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it’s been a bad couple weeks on the pain front. my three bad spots are getting progressively worse, and my normal go-tos of stretching, heat & massage are just not working, nor is ibuprofen. my goofballs do make a dent, but only a full one, and I just can’t risk starting to go through my prescription as prescribed – the reason I’m more or less self-managed despite using a controlled substance is the pain used to be worse when I went to bed, so I’d pop half a goofball & drop right off, so I was going through a nominally 30-day prescription in 90 days or more. oh, and, y'know, not doing any typical drug-seeking bullshit type things.

it just sucks because my stupid pain makes doing pleasurable things agonizing, and if I ignore the pain to keep playing my bass or whatever, that just means the next day will be worse.

I started doing more PT exercises yesterday, and today I am basically fighting back tears the entire time. everything hurts so fucking much.

I’m tired of the constant pain. may I please have a titanium spine?

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